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Happy Autumn to all!

PHP_Lisa_FounderI hope this season is shaping up to be a beautiful one for all of you out there. I am excited about my first “back in New Jersey” fall. Upon stepping outside it’s nice to see leaves changing, while feeling cool, crisp air. I love this time of year and judging by all the pumpkin-related advertisements, I am assuming most everyone else does as well!

We had a great summer, both personally and professionally. For me personally, it was fun to get settled into our new house in our new area. We are really loving everything about it. Professionally, Ostomysecrets® had some great experiences with different national conferences. On the heels of the Seattle WOCN conference, we were delighted to have a booth at the Jacksonville UOAA National Conference. We had great feedback from so many of our customers while we were also able to show and tell many new and exciting upcoming products.

What are those you ask? Well, thank you for the inquiry! Our Illusion Wrap, in black and nude, has been so widely popular that we are expanding the line! This fall we will be launching the Illusion Thong and the Illusion Boy Short. Based on the initial comments from UOAA attendees, these products are sure to boost your confidence and style. We are super excited about their release. Stay tuned next year for more!

Have a wonderful Fall and I look forward to the next time we catch up!

My best,

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